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Purim by the Sea

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Scuba Divers for Purim by the SEA!

Ok…here it is!! So we are all getting dressed up as Scuba Divers for Purim in the Sea!! And honestly I can assure you that …

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Rain Stick Craft for Purim by the Sea!

Rain sticks for Graggers for Purim By the Sea!!! They are so much fun to make and we will be using this as our craft …

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Scuba Diver Costume!

Well, Purim by the Sea is well under way! Ok…so I am wondering why Mill Valley has ‘mid winter vacation this week in midst of …

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Purim by the Sea (Part 1)

Dear Shluchos, it was  a pleasure meeting so many of you at the kinus and I look forwards to being in touch! I am posting …

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