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Purim – NY style Deli – Mishloach Manos!

I think I may have based my entire theme for Purim on these adorable glass mini jars of ketchup and mustard! Super fun matching labels …

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Purim – NY Style Deli – Pickle Making Workshop!

Part of our Purim party was a hands on pickle making workshop! I mean, after all, what’s a NY deli without home made Kosher pickles! …

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Purim with a Taste of a NY Style Deli – Always start with Dessert!

I think this was my absolute most favorite theme for Purim we have ever done. It all started when I had my broken ankle and …

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Ok. These are THE BEST HAMANTASHEN I have ever made and tasted! I give credit to a fellow shlucha who posted her mothers recipe! So …

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Cirque Du Purim – Mishloach Manos!

I think by far this was my easiest and fastest made Mishloach Manos! I bought circus style rubber stamps (which by the way, were not …

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Cirque Du Purim – Dessert Table

Dessert tables are my favorite. For me it is like a blank canvas and I simply can’t wait to paint the colors of sweet delicacies …

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Cirque Du Purim Treats!

A Circus Animal Cake is PERFECT for Cirque Du Purim! This was a basic yellow cake (search this blog for recipe) and I used a …

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Cirque Du Purim – Circus Tent Craft

circus tent cut out Characters for Purim Craft Totally adorable! A DIY Circus tent with mini Purim characters to either stick inside or to use …

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Cirque Du Purim – Purim Decor

As you can see we had loads of fun planning our Circus themed Purim party! We bought tools of tickets and taped them in a …

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Mishloach Manos for our Kinderlach.

Ummmmm…..I must confess. I kind of always wanted a gumboil machine. Yup. That’s right. A simple gumball machine that would dispense those beautiful vibrant colored …

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Thinking Inside the Box…of Mishloach Manos!

Purim is over, but the box of Mishloach Manos nosh it still lingering (in everyone’s room and pockets and little drawers and backpacks:). These were …

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Purim with a flavor of Farmers Market!

As we all barely pull ourselves out from under the mounds of Hamantashen, costumes, nosh and post purim exhaustion,  I take a minute to feel …

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