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Purim – NY style Deli – THE DELI SANDWICH!

The highlight of our menu. Layers of pastrami, turkey and salami on baguettes and authentic rye bread from Brooklyn, NY! Each sandwich was made with …

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Purim – NY Style Deli – Purim Costumes!

And the one thing that I love most is our family Purim photo! It’s not just the photo, it’s the moment of coming together, in …

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Purim – NY style Deli – Center Pieces!

These were a HUGE HIT! Every table was a different NYC street! It was fun, easy and brought smiles to all. I found these signs …

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Purim – NY style Deli – Menu & Two Salad Recipes!

Our menu was incredibly easy and delicious! Here is what we served: Deli sandwiches on rye bread and baguettes Deli skewers (skewers with olives, pickles, …

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Purim – NY style Deli – Decor!

subway poster word doc. An easy way to decorate our Purim party was by printing these posters! I bought 10 images which I chose from …

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Purim – NY style Deli – Mishloach Manos!

I think I may have based my entire theme for Purim on these adorable glass mini jars of ketchup and mustard! Super fun matching labels …

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Purim – NY Style Deli – Pickle Making Workshop!

Part of our Purim party was a hands on pickle making workshop! I mean, after all, what’s a NY deli without home made Kosher pickles! …

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Purim with a Taste of a NY Style Deli – Always start with Dessert!

I think this was my absolute most favorite theme for Purim we have ever done. It all started when I had my broken ankle and …

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