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Belgian Spice Cookies!

These spice cookies are insanely addictive! The absolute perfect combination of spice! Not overly sweet and absolutely perfect with a cup of tea! Belgian Spice …

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Tea Party Cookies!

A sweet little platter of tea bag cookies added that special touch to the tea and coffee bar and dessert table! All you need to …

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Milk & Cookies Bar!

These ADORABLE milk cartons are fillable and seal with a lid in a variety of color options! I filled them with a mixture of almond milk, …

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Window Cookie Boxes!

So. Y’know those moments that you work so very hard for? Those times when you have placed your entire heart and soul into a mere …

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Brownie Roll Out Cookie Dough!

A fantastic recipe that has perfect texture and taste! A rolled out cookie dough that tastes like brownies! Perfect for your dreidel cut out cookies …

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Torah & Tea Dreidel Cookies!

Perfect for Torah and Tea on Chanukah! Ideal for a women’s event! …And absolutely fun for a cup of tea after hosting! These are easy …

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