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DIY Car Menorah Craft Project!

This Chanukah I decided to plan some fun home – projects, crafts and activities for Chanukah! Today we had a really fun time making car …

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Chanukah in a Box!

Have you ever wanted to give someone a whole bunch of Chanukah items and yet couldn’t quite find the right packaging? Well, after many different …

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Chanukah Bags!

It’s almost Chanukah and the excitement and energy is contagious! This year we decided to pack our Chanukah chocolate gelt and dreidels in cotton bags …

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Chanukah Jug of ‘Oil’.

A very (calming) fun jug of ‘oil’! This is easy and mesmerizing to make and I can assure you, that you will enjoy testing it …

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Mosaic Tile Menorah Craft

A fun way to decorate Menorah (archive this for next year!). Very simple, just glass mosaic tiles, tacky glue and wooden block taped to the …

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Chanukah For our Kinderlach.

With so many Menorah lightings, events and programs, I find that the ‘event’ we dedicate to our children is the most precious and special of …

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Simply Satin Chanukah Boxes

And the spirit of Chanukah is in the air. It’s crisp and cool outside, crunchy leaves on the ground and a slight wind to make …

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A Chanukah Anniversary!

Today was our 17th wedding anniversary! We got married on the 6th night of Chanukah and I am truly grateful and blessed to have such …

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Chanukah Gelt!

Chanukah Gelt! It’s what the kids love and look forward to, no doubt, besides the Chanukah Menorah events, the dreidel games and the endless mounds …

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Chalk It Dreidel!

Fun for all ages! Instead of painting your dreidels with chalkboard paint, use this role of adhesive chalkboard! It’s easy and fun and it gives …

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Frying Pan Latke Game!

A fun classic game re-designed for Chanukah! Here’s what you need: Paddle Board ball games (I found mine locally but you can order them online …

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Ribbon Dreidels.

Sitting at my craft table, fiddling with ideas for this years Chanukah events and programs, I saw before me my many spools of ribbon. I …

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