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Although very cute indeed (and delicious too!), this was very time consuming and didn't produce bulk quantities quick enough. So personally I would omit this item unless you own one of those bread pretzel concession heaters...(which is on a wish list of mine!) Good Luck!

Menu for Purim in the Ball Park

There were a few requests for the food items served so here are some ideas from our menu: For the Ball Park theme (and to …

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An easy Buffet Table center piece...A large glass cylinder vase, punch bowl, filled with peanuts. Then add baseballs, a baseball glove and another ball! You can either purchase baseballs from sports stores (if you know your boys will enjoy future use out of them!) or you can order fake cheaper ones from bulk stores like oriental trading. Even the squishy stress ball ones would work! I Wrapped a ribbon around it with a paper card in red and a label...keeping with my color scheme. You can add a box under the table linen to give it even more height if you wish. (If you are worried about Peanut allergy, try using popcorn or only baseballs).

Purim in the Ball Park

Do we ever take a day to recover? Sometimes I wonder…. as I lie in bed falling asleep the night that Chanukah ended, dreamily brainstorming …

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