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Apple Scented Play Dough!

The absolute SOFTEST play dough ever! We made this in our Aleph Art Room today and the kids had a blast! It’s officially one part …

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Apple Stamping

Super easy. Super cute AND the best part is the adorable little handles carved out for little hands! Slice each apple in half, lay flat, …

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Having Fun with Apples!

Just a fun cute idea for either centerpieces on a plate with REAL honey or a few in a row along the length of the …

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Purim by the Sea

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Scuba Divers for Purim by the SEA!

Ok…here it is!! So we are all getting dressed up as Scuba Divers for Purim in the Sea!! And honestly I can assure you that …

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Snow Globes are still Snowing!

Phew! What an exhausting yet meaningufl Chanukah evening in our home/chabad! For the first time we actually have a blossoming Hebrew School (dont tell anyone …

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