Here are ways to display desserts and food. I used to love eating all cakes and cookies and anything sweet but now I find myself four years being gluten, wheat, dairy and soy (…and now sugar!) free! This was not by choice and although I have come to appreciate the changes I have had to make, I still enjoying whipping up baked good by the dozen(s)! There is comfort in seeing people enjoy something good and being creative in the kitchen…feels so good!

I hope to add recipes someday but for now, here are some delicious sights!


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    1. you can shmear cream cheese on the wrap and add some lettuce, cucumbers and lox and anything else you’d like…thinly sliced onions etc…then roll tight and slice into pinwheels. YOu can probably search online on how to roll the wraps…if you need to see visuals…hatzlocha!

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