Flower Bar!

IMG_1786IMG_1774IMG_1787IMG_1771May 21 event handout

Last Sunday I made a women’s event in honor of my birthday! It was a creative take on a tea party and since it was close to Shavuos I decided to make a flower bar!

I set up a table with a variety of flowers and greens and vases! I had scissors and clippers and pitchers of water so women could get creative and make their very own bouquet to take home for Shavuos.

It was so much fun, the ladies really found creativity in arranging their masterpiece and it added an easy uplifting activity!

I gave out a handout with the flowers which explained about the connection between flowers and women and Shvauos.

The Tags on the vases were tied with divine twine and read: “Bloom Where You Are Planted”. and can be purchased at http://www.evermine.com

The vases were clear glass hobnail style, click here to order.

May 21 event handout jpg

Welcome Baskets & Chocolate Bars!

I think I made these just for me. I mean, not really for me…. but for my love and passion to create cute little things and package them all up.

Just remember you have to have fun while putting together events and simchas! It’s so important to find the details of enjoyment instead of simply being overwhelmed by an endless list!

So , here is just one sample of my welcome basket for our out of town guests. Each one slightly differed from the next as they were packed with love and care and each guest in mind!

This one was for my brother and his new wife of only 4 weeks! I included a cute little notebook that looked like an ice cream sandwich!, two mini expresso ceramic cups with their initials on it from Williams Sonoma. Some boxed water that sums up California – environmentally friendly living and some snack bars and chocolate and almond butter spreads. I also included an adorable lip balm from http://www.shopsweetlulu.com (the scent was bubblegum and makes you want to eat it instead of wear it!) The clip board held a welcome sign (it was a coaster designed on http://www.evermine.com) and was supposed to hold an itinerary of the couple days together… but it didn’t actually get done….you got to let go somewhere!

And then the chocolate bar was the cherry on top because it simply made the package look fun!  It was from http://www.sweetpapershop.com which has WAY TOO many options to choose from! I had to trim mine a bit so that they would fit two mini sharffenberger bars stacked on top of each other but hey, no one complained!

Ice cream notebook : Click Here

Mini Clip Boards: Click Here

Retro Lip Balm: Click Here

Chocolate Bars (the 1oz bars) Click Here

Berry Basket to hold everything Click Her

Seat Assignments & Unique Guest Book!

This definitely had guests smiling as they walked in and found their name to place at their table of choice.

All you need are these items:

Moss Ribbon

Wood Place Card Holders

Place cards

This is a momento that can be kept on a desk or shelf and is fun to look back at with the signatures of all who attended! A real useful ‘guest book’!

The globe and permanent pen can be found on amazon.com just search ‘globe’ and choose one to fit your color theme!

Tzedakah Boxes with Texture!

A Tzedakah Pushka with a touch of forest!

Ok. These were slightly messy to make as the bark, moss ribbon kept shedding all over my desk but honestly, it was worth it!

All you need are pushkas, glue dots to adhere the ribbon and a scissors to trim any overhang.

To order the moss/bark ribbon click here.

Pushkas can be found online.

And don’t forget to place the pile of dimes next to each Pushka like we did:(

A Natural Dessert Table!

Desserts to match a nature themed event can be simple and fun to create. Add a few flat wooden slabs of varying sizes and shapes to showcase cakes, cookies and cupcakes!

These flat wood slabs and round circles (holding the cupcakes) can be purchased from saveoncrafts.com

Place sponges underneath wood slabs to add height. Tuck some moss around edges and add a few succulents or flowers to make the look complete.


Natural Woodsy Decor for Bar Mitzvah!

So B”h, after making a Bar Mitzvah on Achron Shel Pesach, I still had a Bar Mitzvah celebration to plan as well! Because in all honesty, how could the Scop family make only one party!?

My initial thought would be to serve doughnuts as centerpieces because I feared that with all the chaos of Pesach I may not have time to bake dessert! My second thought was that I can’t seem to get enough of this ‘one and only’ kosher baked item sold about 45 minutes from my home and who doesn’t love doughnuts!?

Well, I was grateful that my energy level kept up and we served both! A dessert bar of home baked delicacies and doughnuts too! We added some root beer floats just for fun and it was truly one sweet, magnificent, memorable evening.

I will iy”h slowly add more photos in additional posts as I come up for air but for now, enjoy this rustic, natural decor that was easy to set up and beautiful to use for future events too!

The center pieces are wood slabs from michaels.com, fresh moss and succulents from a local flower shop, and sponges to place under the wood slabs for height.

Spray the moss with water right before you tuck it around the wood and then place little succulents in varying spots on top of moss. Add a bud vase of flowers and taper candles to add to the look.

Use food grade parchment paper in kraft color from webstaurantstore.com and pile up some doughnuts or cakes and cookies of your choice. You’ll see…your guests will love this tasty centerpiece!

Match a plated salad to compliment the greenery. Consider using salad toppings like seeds, nuts, etc. to keep to the rustic natural look.


Happy Birthday Shterna! A Unique Gift!

We are so excited about Shterna turning three and lighting Shabbos candles for the first time this Friday iy”h.

I wanted to make her a unique gift, just for her, about her.

So I decided to give her a set of personalized blocks that she can build with and use when playing with her little ‘play people’.

The blocks I bought were from discountschoolsupply.com which are fillable and SO MUCH fun to play with! click here to order: blocks

The ideas are ENDLESS! Just fill with whatever you wish! Aleph Beis Letters, your child’s photos or crafts! ANYTHING!

Here I used glue dots to stick miniatures into each block of the things my daughter loves the most, which is baking Challah with me and getting ready for shabbos!

The miniatures are from michaels.com and some of them can be found in their stores.

To make the Aleph Beis Chart and the Rebbe photo, print pictures (search google images for your choice and then resize to a mini size) and using double sided tape, stick into a miniature mirror (also found at michaels).

All you need to do is unscrew one end of the block and slide one clear panel out and insert whatever you are filling the blocks with. Then screw back in place the block end.


Our family just made a set of these blocks as a surprise for our Bubby who just married off her last child. At the wedding there was a mezinka dance at which all the grandchildren presented Bubby with a block they had decorated with a picture they made, their name and a little note.

This precious set of blocks will stay at Bubby’s house for all the grandchildren to play with!

Truly a special and touching gift!