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I am sure I am not the only one looking at the calendar and looking at the remains of every room after every day…and panicking  wondering how EVERYTHING is really going to get done before Pesach!

So, in desperate hopeful measures, I decided to self inspire and inspire those around me (read: our kinderlach) to make a cute cleaning basket for each child.

This was very easy and very inexpensive!

Just go to either home depot or a beauty supply store or dollar store for sponges,  bucket, basket, wipes, cloths…a squeegee (if you dare:)…

Package it all up and present to your kids and welcome them to be part of the journey of getting ready for pesach!

Incentives are helpful too and feel free to make a “cleaning prize bucket” varying the contents according to ages….so little prizes for little ones and maybe some home made gift certificates for big ones!

Happy Cleaning!

And if all else fails…at least you will capture great photos of your kids spraying everything in sight…I know I did!

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