A really unique way to build community for us, has been to offer Gourmet Kosher Cooking classes. We have made ones just for women and then decided to offer cooking classes for couples, and singles too.

It is an evening that is almost like a dinner party! It takes tremendous preparation and yet each time I muster the strength to go forward, I am always flying high by what the night brings.

These people are not necessarily the ones who love attending classes or shul. These people are souls that are looking for spirituality yet aren’t yet comfortable with formality.  This is the class for them! Who doesn’t love a great recipe and who doesn’t LOVE to lick the batter in the bowl taste new delicacies!

The way we do it, is I plan the theme of the evening, the amount of items on the menu, the recipes, the shopping list and what exactly will I show from each recipe. So for example, I will have almost everything prepped beforehand except for a small portion to enable the evening to run smoothly. I will make note of all kosher products used, as well as techniques I wish to show (like how to use a whisk, the best way to slice an avocado, the tools that make prepping a breeze etc.).

Once I have the above in place, I set up my home with our dining room table and other tables if needed. I use my kitchen and have a prep table with everything I need neatly on display in dishes.

I serve desserts, wine, tea and coffee and have lit candles plus a favor to take home. I use all my fine china and stemware and have music playing in background as guests arrive.

We start with introductions and going over the menu for the evening and invite everyone to taste desserts throughout the evening and enjoy wine and beverages too!

As I explain and demonstrate how to make each dish, I allow guests to ask questions and my husband adds any kashrus insights as well. We pass around the dish for all to taste and then while everyone is enjoying the flavors, my husband speaks.

He inspires everyone with great discussion topics that go with our theme. The amount of learning at an evening like this is so unbelievable….just the perfect venue, a little wine and socializing…all break down barriers.

We then continue, to cook, taste and learn.

It’s a memorable evening always and the friendships and connections are at a completely different level.

We charge about $45 an adult unless I am offering a series of classes, 3 weeks in a row in which case we have an initial sign up for all three for $125.00.

Each person goes home full:), happy, fulfilled, with recipes in hand and a baked treat as a favor.

Enjoy the attached menus and photos!

DSC_0087 DSC_0102 DSC_0097 DSC_0179 DSC_0166 DSC_0169 DSC_0092 DSC_0026

DSC_0011 DSC_0013 DSC_0004 DSC_0020 DSC_0017 DSC_0013 DSC_0005


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  1. Sounds great. And the pictures are beautiful. What are your kids doing during this evening with both you and your husband involved. It all looks so elegant. I can’t imagine little kids around

    1. Thanks! We have to be very organized and eat dinner much earlier. The class begins at 7:00pm and my husband puts the kids to bed while I put final touches on things. I try really hard to make it that our kids don’t resent what we do, so we let them know in advance about the program and how they can help and with extra great listening, they can have their plate of treats the next day. (I always set aside things for them as an incentive.) I have also learned that if I need to step aside or my husband does to take care of one of the kids, that is more important than anything…but usually they all listen nicely and my bigger kids help out if they need to. People also respect that this happens to be our home too and for now while Chabad is in our dining room, so too will little faces peek out of their rooms:)

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