Girls Third B-day



What a most special moment! Our little girl lit her own shabbos candle and it was such a beautiful shabbos!

I surprised her with her very own doll cake (I used a gluten free cake mix for her!) with additional doll cakes to be used as centerpieces for our community shabbos dinner in her honor!

Each doll held a ‘tray’ with a shabbos candle on it which I cut out of silver and white card stock, and a piece of yellow tissue for the flame.

My little girl ate her ‘doll cake’ (a portion of it:) right from a mini cake platter and that little twinkle in her eye, icing covered lips and enjoyment was worth all the work! (I actually used an icing tip that was large in size so that I wouldn’t have to make so many of those little flowers!)

I bought the cake mold from a local store. The brand of the cake pan is Wilton and I’m sure you can order it online. The mini cake doll pan has room for 4 doll cakes. The actual dolls I believe you can order online as well.

The large doll cake I made using a basic yellow cake batter which was served as part of the dessert buffet! (recipes of some of my new desserts coming soon!)

Thank you to my older daughter who took charge of the dolls hair!

May we always share in simchas!




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