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Think Inside the Box for Pesach!

Here’s an idea that is really simple and personal for when you deliver Shmurah Matzah. Of course, these shots had to be done with regular …

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Cirque Du Purim – Mishloach Manos!

I think by far this was my easiest and fastest made Mishloach Manos! I bought circus style rubber stamps (which by the way, were not …

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Cirque Du Purim – Dessert Table

Dessert tables are my favorite. For me it is like a blank canvas and I simply can’t wait to paint the colors of sweet delicacies …

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Cirque Du Purim Treats!

A Circus Animal Cake is PERFECT for Cirque Du Purim! This was a basic yellow cake (search this blog for recipe) and I used a …

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Cirque Du Purim – Circus Tent Craft

circus tent cut out Characters for Purim Craft Totally adorable! A DIY Circus tent with mini Purim characters to either stick inside or to use …

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Cirque Du Purim – Purim Decor

As you can see we had loads of fun planning our Circus themed Purim party! We bought tools of tickets and taped them in a …

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Mishloach Manos for our Kinderlach.

Ummmmm…..I must confess. I kind of always wanted a gumboil machine. Yup. That’s right. A simple gumball machine that would dispense those beautiful vibrant colored …

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Tu B’Shevat!

I love these berry baskets and use them for so many things! Here is a simple and easy way to make Tu B’Shevat baskets either …

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A Chanukah Anniversary!

Today was our 17th wedding anniversary! We got married on the 6th night of Chanukah and I am truly grateful and blessed to have such …

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Chanukah Gelt!

Chanukah Gelt! It’s what the kids love and look forward to, no doubt, besides the Chanukah Menorah events, the dreidel games and the endless mounds …

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Chalk It Dreidel!

Fun for all ages! Instead of painting your dreidels with chalkboard paint, use this role of adhesive chalkboard! It’s easy and fun and it gives …

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Frying Pan Latke Game!

A fun classic game re-designed for Chanukah! Here’s what you need: Paddle Board ball games (I found mine locally but you can order them online …

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