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Blocks of Memories!

Jenga Blocks! A Pen! And let the fun begin! These were not only so much fun for guests to write on, but these blocks have been …

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A Meaningful Package!

Dear Friends, As I emerge from the newborn baby fog, I know find myself emerging from post Bas Mitzvah fatigue! So please bear with me …

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It’s BEAN So Special Having You Join Us!

It’s so much fun to play with words! Here is a very simple idea, which I have used before for assigned table seating. This is …

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A Pesach Birthday!

How does one make a birthday extra special for a child on Pesach? As a mother, its always been extra challenging exciting to fit in my …

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Chocolate Dressed Up!

Another look at dressing up chocolate! Consider this for ANY event, because in truth , which event in life does NOT call for Chocolate???!!! As …

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Dolls That Truly Take the CAKE!

What a most special moment! Our little girl lit her own shabbos candle and it was such a beautiful shabbos! I surprised her with her …

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Personalized Tzedakah Purse!

A unique gift for my girl! A Tzedakah purse for her to keep all her coins to give to Tzedkakah! Not only daily but especially …

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Vintage Lace Tzedakah Box & Match Box!

Two very easy ideas to coordinate a special and useful gift for a three year old girl! The mini Tzedkaha box has been wrapped in …

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A Memorable Memory Game!

My baby girl turned 3 today B”H! So yes, I have had some fun preparing for her Birthday! I will share some really fun ideas …

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My Favorite!

I have made these before for other events and programs but I seem to come back to them all the time! What can compete with …

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Here they are! Part two! Cute sweet L’chaim bottles for any simcha and any occasion! Think about doing a bunch of these for any time …

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L’Chaim! The BIG 40!

ORDER THIS LABEL BY CLICKING HERE (search: Metropolitan large label) Mazal Tov to my dear husband, who turned 40, on Daled Cheshvan! Not sure how that …

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