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These mini challahs were baked in small panibois wooden molds that are heat safe! They are biodegradable and made in France. An absolute best seller …

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During these past three months, we initiated PRAY IT FORWARD. It is ‘Shabbos in a box’ that we deliver to people in our community with …

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Spice Up Your Havdallah!

This past summer, I helped coordinate a Northern California Shabbaton for Shluchim. It was a most incredible three days of camaraderie and unity, complete with …

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Bake for a Blessing. Challah Braiding. The Market Place. The toppings.

FOUR STRAND CHALLAH-2 SIX STRAND CHALLAH CHALLAH ROLLS FISHTAIL CHALLAH THREE STRAND CHALLAH These diagrams and explanations are from Rochie Pinion’s book “Rising The Book …

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Bake for a Blessing. Center Pieces.

The center pieces were really easy and fun to make. They were useful centerpieces as almost every item was an ingredient needed to make the …

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Bake for a Blessing. The table.

The tables were set with hand stamped items and I decided to try limit as many disposables as possible. The room looked natural and calming …

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Dear Friends, This event was very close to my heart and so, being that it was similar to a Mega Challah Bake but so very …

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Shine A Little Light

These jars were packed with pink matchsticks and a label that read ‘Shine a Little Light”. A take home favor with a Shabbos candle lighting …

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DIY Shabbos Match Jars!

Wow! B”H for simchas! This past Thursday was my brother’s wedding in Chicago and this Friday night we will iy”h celebrate our daughter’s third birthday …

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Laughter and Learning!

A fun way to package a ‘take along’ gift is to use these bottle carriers. With four compartments used for drinks, you can easily pack …

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The MINI Challah BAKE!

How about a Mega MINI Challah Bake?! After an amazing Mega Challah Bake months ago, I’m lunching a mini Challah bake. Kind of the same …

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Mega Challah Bake – Wheat Bundles!

A wheat bundle not only makes the decor of a Mega Challah Bake unique but it intrinsically connects to the ingredient used for Challah. These …

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