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My First Slice of Bread in 5 years! BEST GF BREAD EVER!

My first piece of bread in 5 years! Seriously! This is something to celebrate! It all started this past Friday afternoon when 3  hours before …

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Chocolate Raspberry Rugelach!

These really are worth the work! Delicious, traditional and perfect for shabbos….or anytime, really! Enjoy and Good Shabbos! Chocolate Raspberry Rugelach Recipe from The Smitten Kitchen …

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Apple Cake!

Sharing a delicious and easy apple cake that has apples neatly tucked inside! A perfect winter cake to serve for dessert…or just because:) Apple Cake …

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Coffee Cake Supreme!

This cake is amazing! It got rave reviews and has a stunning presentation too! It has become a new favorite in our home for shabbos …

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Gluten Free Sufganiyot for Chanukah!

YAY! I did it! I made delicious gluten free Sufganiyot for my gluten free girls!….and my husband who said they were fantastic and may start …

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Delicious Gluten Free ‘No Bake’ Bars!

I came across this recipe from a food blog and it is now a very fast option for dessert for my gluten free girls! Everyone …

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Orange & Almond Biscotti

I seem to be slightly obsessed with biscotti right now. I’m not sure if its the dark sky that arrives a little earlier, making a …

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Carrot Cake with Rustic Layers!

My husband’s most favorite cake and in all honesty it truly is the best carrot cake I have ever tasted! It has quite a few …

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Fudge Frosted Chocolate Cake!

Credit goes to my favorite food blog: smitten kitchen! So, out of all my desserts for my husband’s grand shabbos birthday community dinner, this one …

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Gluten Free, Sugar Free Biscotti!

These are truly a fabulous treat for those craving something resembling and tasting like a cookie, yet they are gluten free and sugar free. (just …

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These are amazing! My fast go-to dessert for shabbos or special occasion! You can easily leave these without chopped pistachios but I just love the …

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Peach Crumble Delights!

A new favorite that you will definitely want to make for Succos! So refreshing and easy to make and healthy too! This original recipe is …

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