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The Great Escape!

Ok, so it’s not like we are escaping and it’s not like it’s truly a vacation… as we land in frigid weather, baby screaming, stroller …

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D.I.Y Popcorn!

As many of you know, I blog for the website, where all these cute labels and tags and coasters are created. So this is …

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Loving My Girl.

Happy 4th Birthday to my precious Shaina! And here is your cake. The one we spoke about for weeks a while….the one that needed to have …

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Stamp It!

STAMP IT! This is really easy and simple to do! All you need is the Aleph Beis Stamps from Shalom Stamps Sticking these stamps onto …

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Focus on the Good…& Celebrate!

Having fun with crafting and baking! A touch of ‘photography’ to showcase these desserts! It is so much fun to decorate cupcakes with flags! And …

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CAPTURE the good times!

How is it possible that my son is turning 16? I’m feeling slightly old nostalgic! Where does the time go? How is it possible that as …

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A PUZZLING Birthday Card!

Birthdays in our house are always fun! So, first of all, Mazal Tov to a my best friend in life! May this year bring you …

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Mix in Some Spirituality.

Mixing in some Spirituality. That seems to have been the mission statement I lived by for the past month of Yomim Tovim. A mixture of …

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Summer in a Jar!

A fun idea for kids of all ages and adults too! A simple jar to keep little keepsakes and memories from the summer! All you …

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A Special Colorful Birthday!

Although this Birthday party favor is planned for our special needs son Chaim Boruch, for his summer birthday iy”h, it is a fun idea to …

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Planting the Seed.

First of all I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments and emails wishing us a Mazal Tov! We are enjoying our …

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Torah & Tea – Coasters & Labels!

A sweet little touch to add to your Torah and Tea class! As you know, I am making the ‘Torah and Tea’ class for our …

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