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Dutch Apple Pie!

Simply delicious and a definite winter comfort food! DUTCH APPLE PIE (Recipe by Filling: 1/2 cup (100 grams) granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon coarse or …

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Incredible Spice Cake.

This cake has become my new favorite. It is especially delicious for a shabbos dessert with a cup of tea and so very perfect for …

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Winter Squash Soup with Coconut Milk.

After a long stressful week of our special needs son being in the hospital, my oldest surprised me with a cookbook that he knew I …

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The Canvas of Life.

Today marks the 8th Yartzeit (anniversary of passing) of my dear father Shmuel Tzvi ben Yosef a”h. This blog was lovingly created in his memory. May …

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Bake for a Blessing. Challah Braiding. The Market Place. The toppings.

FOUR STRAND CHALLAH-2 SIX STRAND CHALLAH CHALLAH ROLLS FISHTAIL CHALLAH THREE STRAND CHALLAH These diagrams and explanations are from Rochie Pinion’s book “Rising The Book …

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Bake for a Blessing. Center Pieces.

The center pieces were really easy and fun to make. They were useful centerpieces as almost every item was an ingredient needed to make the …

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Bake for a Blessing. The table.

The tables were set with hand stamped items and I decided to try limit as many disposables as possible. The room looked natural and calming …

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Dear Friends, This event was very close to my heart and so, being that it was similar to a Mega Challah Bake but so very …

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Sweet Simple Centerpiece.

Thankfully in midst of intense kitchen preparations I was able to capture a quick picture of the centerpieces which I had made on each table …

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My new favorite? these cute plastic , food safe plastic tubes! They come in all different sizes and I have decided to make things super …

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Hamburger Buns!

As I hold onto the last tastes of summer, I found this incredible recipe for homemade hamburger buns. Trust me…these will take your summer bbq’s …

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Tea Cup Salads!

It was a beautiful warm day so I planned for a fresh summer salad in tea cups for an extra creative take on a regular …

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