The Aleph Art Room is a creative twist on Hebrew School.

It started when I felt that we were limited with our program and in reaching out to the community.

So I re-created Hebrew School and called it The Aleph Art Room.

What a fantastic success! We went from 4 children (including 2 of ours!) at our dining room table to 19 children (not including any of ours!).

We run our program at a local art store in a small room, on wednesdays from 3:30pm – 5:00pm. It is open to children ages 3 – 9 and basically we pack in a fun, educational experience with long lasting art projects!

Each class is called a “workshop” and there is a minimum 4 week series sign up.

We offer Holiday Workshops (4 weeks before each major Yom Tov) and Hebrew Learning workshops (specializing in Hebrew reading with Art projects).

It’s been a fabulous Brocha for us and we are thrilled to share what has worked for us!

This program is in memory of my dear father Shmuel Tzvi ben Shoshana a”h who was my beloved father and artist.

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  1. You are very talented, Chana, and using your talents in the best way! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.
    May your dear father a’h continue to inspire you and we will all benefit from that inspiration. Hatzlacha raba b’kol!
    Rivka Kugel

  2. a really nice idea! keep us your hard work! is it fine if we take some ideas and use them in our chabad house in germany?

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