Each child uses a hand made Aleph Art Room Smock/Apron! The kids love wearing them and it helps add to the program’s professional look. (these are just to borrow but a great craft idea too!)
I always display the Hebrew Learning Workshop things so parents who like the Holiday Series will be inclined to sign up for the Hebrew Learning.
Honey Jars. I bought these at Ikea and gave the kids acrylic paint to use. Before I gave them out, I cut out a shape of an apple out of contact paper and stuck it on. (first rub glass with rubbing alcohol to make paints stick better). Then when the kids painted all over, I peeled off the apple and there was an empty space (the apple) for you to see the honey through the jar. Pretty neat!
This was either a decorative frame to hang on the wall or a tea tray or a tray for their honey jar and some apples. A 3D shadow box frame from IKEA. I took out the glass, re-positioned the wood thin farm that holds glass to the front of the frame, so the glass was now in the back, making the frame into a tray. We painted on the glass by doing apple prints with real apples and acrylic paint. We added a soft medium of yellow fluff for honey as well as honey drips cut out of beeswax.
I asked a store to donate wood floor samples. This was a perfect bottom to our sukkah. Then I had pieces of wood cut for walls and schach was created by popcicle sticks and leaf fabric. I also gave the kids a mini small piece of wood for a table and a cylinder piece of wood to glue on to “table” to make it stand.
Here is the finished product with a tablecloth on top and a lulav and esrog made out of FIMO clay.
Aleph Beis Cookie decorating for the first Hebrew Learning workshop.

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