This site is a story of love, creativity and passion.

My story began when I was a little girl. Cute little ponytails, twirly skirts and an eye for color, crafts and all things beautiful.

I used to watch my father who was an artist. He would paint, mold clay, airbrush, sculpt and turn any school project of mine into something spectacular. He always got the best marks in my class:).

As I experienced art and creativity, I became accustomed to using my creative juices in my day to day life.

My husband is a Rabbi and together we decided to embark on a journey of building community,  giving back to others, and making the world a brighter place.

We currently live in Mill Valley with our 10 beautiful children ka”h, and run our non profit organization called Chabad of Mill Valley where we offer a gamut of educational, creative and meaningful Jewish experiences.

10 years ago my dear father died at the young age of 61, leaving a huge void in my heart that remains empty and aching to this day.

On his third Yartzeit (anniversary of passing) this blog was born.

His passing propelled me to share with the world and my fellow colleagues, all the creative things I do for our community and family.

This site is my personal endeavor to bring all things beautiful to life.

You may wonder how does a wife, mother of 10 and Shlucha find time to be creative…

Well, if it makes you feel any better, there are many days that resemble the artwork of a toddler gone wild. 

Spilled milk, crushed cheerios, glitter glue in the laundry and what I may succumb to admitting, a creative (and messy) expression of my day.

But what I can also share with you is another part of my story. 

I am also a proud mother of a special needs 13 year old son. The love of our family and the beautiful soul that teaches us so much.

Chaim Boruch (which in Hebrew means ‘life of blessing’) has taught me about ‘time’. That you don’t really have enough of it, so make the most of what you have. Appreciate the ‘little things’ in life, like breathing, walking, smiling…and soon you will see that amazing things happen….all in the creativity of loving life.

So I welcome you to join me, to sculpt and decorate the most magnificent moments to cherish, making your days, events, programs and family time, a most memorable one.