A proud wife, mother of 7 and Shlucha!

I am easily inspired by colors, texture and details…many details!

In my life, there are never two days the same and I love it!

I thrive on ideas, creating and imagining…yes…lots of imagining!

I can obsess over ribbon, tissue paper and cake platters (my absolute favorite!) and yet my most fulfilling moments are when the colors and creative brainstorms delightfully come to life with a new soul.

I love my family and our shlichus and I am forever looking to enhance what we do with new colors and vitality!

It’s the little things that make a difference and without a doubt I have seen the magnificent effect that creativity has on a life.

So I welcome you to copy and paste these colors and creations into your shlichus, adding a splash of color, a touch of life!

Looking forwards to sharing,



So it’s 11:00pm and I see that not only are dreams created in ones’ sleep, but dreams become reality with nothing more than a hearts desire.

Tomorrow night will be my father’s third Yartzeit.

A reality that hurts, a heartache that lingers.

Ta, I miss you.

I see you in my dreams and in my own reality too.

I look at the creative genes I inherited.

And for every swirl on a cupcake and every brainstorm late at night, I know you are proud.

Ta, this is for you. Somewhere in Shamayim I know you are smiling.

I love you so much…

From a hearts desire, I decided to create my ‘art room’ in your memory.

May everything creative in my Shlichus be a source of nachas to your soul.

Love always,


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  1. Dear Chana,
    May you continue to inspire many more people with your creativity and to be a source nachas to your fathers neshoma.
    Chani Bukiet (Boca Raton, FL)

  2. I am completely in awe! You do so much beautiful work, and thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

    1. Thanks so much! I feel so connected to do many shluchos through these ideas and through sharing. It’s truly an honor to possibly help a fellow shlucha! All the best! Chana

  3. You sent me your number and good times to call…. But can’t find it anywhere. Please resend.



  4. love your blog and thank you for sharing your beautiful and creative ideas!
    if you are ever in the NJ/NY area, would you consider coming to do something with our FC moms in NJ?

  5. Hi Chana,my rebetzin Chani Bukiet referred me to your blog – our grandson is having his upshernish in February – I loved some of your ideas…can’t wait to celebrate his simcha…thanks for the ideas – Good Shabbos – Lisa Reingold

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