Let’s learn about saying Shema with this super fun nighttime galaxy jar!

I’m using jars from amazon that has the lids that are tamper proof or basically when you twist the lid on it seals and little kids can’t twist off (big kids can but they have to twist hard and break the seal).

Squeeze some glow in the dark glitter glue , I did about 2 tbsps.

Add entire bottle of hair gel and you can add some water to thin it out a bit. Add glitter if you want and glow in the dark stars.

You can also decorate outside with glow in the dark puff paint in case you want to write Shema on it.

They are very fun in a dark room!

You will needs:

Jars/bottles: LINK TO ORDER


Glow in the dark glitter glue: LINK TO ORDER

Glitter (optional) Any kind.

Glow in the dark stars: LINK TO ORDER

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