Making marble was so fun and in all honesty, after the kids left the table I had to indulge and have some fun with it!….and then clean up of course!

Here is what you need:

Cardstock or art paper (I used water color paper) LINK TO ORDER

Liquid watercolor paints LINK TO ORDER

Shaving cream LINK TO ORDER

Small containers or cups to hold the water color paints LINK TO ORDER


A scraper or piece of card stock

Foil pan to hold shaving cream LINK TO ORDER

Skewer (optional)

  1. Spray shaving cream carefully into foil pan.
  2. Using dropper, drop water color paint onto the top (do it in lines, drops, however you wish)
  3. Using a skewer, make swirls (or leave as is)
  4. Gently place the card or art paper on top of the shaving cream and lightly press.
  5. Lift it off
  6. Using a scraper, scrape off the shaving cream
  7. You know have marbleized paper!


Use this paper as a background for drawing with black markers, use as cards or tags, use as a background for any other project or simply frame and enjoy!

Older kids can do these kinds of designs:


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