These were so much fun to make!

I spoke with my kids about the science behind elements that don’t mix, and that separate. Water and oil!

The kids shared about lighting oil Menorah on Chanukah and then we spoke about how to always ‘rise to the occasion’.

This can be done when you play with friends, in doing chores, in choosing to do what’s right over what holds you back etc.

All you need are these supplies:


Liquid Food coloring LINK TO ORDER

Vegetable oil


Antacids like Alka Seltzer LINK TO ORDER

Fill bottle 1/3 full with water and remainder room with oil (leave room at the top of the bottle for bubbles to rise). Add drops of liquid food coloring (about 12) and then break up an alka seltzer tablet and place a piece into bottle and continue adding pieces to make the bubbles!

When we were done, I placed the lid on top so we can do it again another day and just add the antacids.



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