During these past three months, we initiated PRAY IT FORWARD. It is ‘Shabbos in a box’ that we deliver to people in our community with an opportunity to order one’s own box and to PRAY IT FORWARD and send one to a friend as well!

We have met so many new people this way and are so excited each week to connect with old friends and make new ones as well!

Each week my menu differs so you never know exactly what you get (other than Challah and grape juice of course!) and depending on how many orders, that’s how creative I can be!

The boxes can be purchased from or or, choose one that suits your needs!

The labels and tags are for our summer boxes and were made from the site

The Challah’s are baked in mini foil pans so they rise upward and fit neatly in the boxes.

I fill my own bottles with grape juice on most occasions and heat seal the lids.

I use parchment paper for packaging the food items, keeping everything fresh and neat.

And lastly the tags are perfect for writing personal notes on!

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