At Chaim Boruch’s Bar Mitzvah we celebrated everything about him and how far he has come.

He is a most magnificent child, sibling, friend and is loved by all.

It really meant so much to me that he would know his special day was truly all and only about him.

So, I took a screenshot of his communication app on his iPad after asking him to please thank the guests that will be attending his Bar Mitzvah.

He clicked on the following words: “I WANT HAPPY EXCITED LOVE FEELING”.

I was so very proud of him and decided to print stickers of his very own ‘Thank You’ message to our guests, and stick it on a Shabbos Table Companion book that we gave out as a gift.

I can’t even describe the look on his face when he saw hundreds of these books set out, with his very own words that he chose and recognized.

The books were simply packed in a brown paper packet and adorned with the personalized label which I formatted on www.evermine.com

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