Construction Tool Belt Favors!

These were so much fun to make and simple to assemble once you prepare all the items!

Here’s what you need:

  • Tool belts from here. (I folded the ties behind and folded it again in half)
  • The aleph beis cookies were bought in NY and looked like these
  • The Shabbos themed stickers were these
  • The rulers were from here and I used my label maker to print the quote.
  • The pencils were purchased and personalized from here
  • The plastic adhesive bags were purchased from here (I used a 2 x 3″ for the chocolate tool and approx. a 4 x 6 for the cookies)
  • The tags were designed on this site and were these
  • The chocolate tools were these

Use glue dots to stick the cookie packets and the chocolate tool packets to the stickers so they don’t slide down into the tool belt.

Happy fun favors for cute little kids!

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  1. You are absolutely amazing how you put this all together. Looks so beautiful, sure made a kiddush Hashem

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