Spice Up Your Havdallah!

This past summer, I helped coordinate a Northern California Shabbaton for Shluchim. It was a most incredible three days of camaraderie and unity, complete with delicious food, pampering details and inspiring workshops.

An aromatic addition to Havdallah at the end of Shabbos were these personalized ‘bsomim’ (spice packages). In fact, this was so simple and easy to make, I would definitely consider using this idea for our community events and programs on a Motzei Shabbos.

All you need is the beautiful Harney and Sons tea bag (sold in bulk online here ). The flavor to choose is the Hot Cinnamon Spice which has cloves and cinnamon in it. The tea bags are beautiful and can be used as a take home favor after Havdallah for a delicious hot cup of comfort!

You can stick any label to the end of the string with your personal message!

The ones I used were small round labels from www.evermine.com. Simply place two labels back to back over the end of the string.

Wishing everyone a Good Shabbos!

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