The Canvas of Life.

My little Shmuel ka”h, named after my father. Surely bringing his Zeidy smiles from above on his yartzeit. An expression of paint and love decorated on the canvas of life.

Today marks the 8th Yartzeit (anniversary of passing) of my dear father Shmuel Tzvi ben Yosef a”h. This blog was lovingly created in his memory. May all the creativity in these pages bring him much nachas, as shluchim around the world, bring their communities close to yiddishkeit (Judaism) through meaningful, creative experiences full of laughter, love and chayus.

IN LOVING MEMORY – a tribute to the father I love with all my heart and soul.

And then there comes those moments of feeling loss all over again.

Like a suffocating silence that is deafening.

It’s as if I cant hear anything other than pounding flashes of memories that make my heart beat faster and make my chest sore from feeling.

It’s like little polaroid snapshots of a life, that seem completely removed from the one I now live.

I find myself holding tight to the images and recollections of a past that remains but a scrapbook tucked deep inside the recesses of my heart.

It’s an ache that doesn’t go away, it becomes part of the rhythm of days and nights.

A love song between father and daughter with a harmony sung between the heavens and earth.

Notes that soar and fall flat, that are too heavy to revive and pick me up.

A song of silence that is deafening but only my heart will ever hear.

A finale, a last strum, an echo to hug me for a lifetime.

An end to a new beginning,

a beginning because of the end.

Just one step, and then one more.

A finish line that propels me to start,

Over again, but without you by my side.

Yet inside there’s a voice that speaks all on it’s own,

and sometimes it even sings.

As always though, we are choreographed

to dance away the darkness and bring heaven down to earth.

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