Bake for a Blessing. Challah Braiding. The Market Place. The toppings.

This was the ‘Market Place’ where I had displayed extra ingredients, gloves, and the trays that each guest would pick up after they had braided their challah.
The toppings bar included maple cranberry sugar, poppy seeds, cinnamon sugar, sesame seeds and a home made streusel topping.






These diagrams and explanations are from Rochie Pinion’s book “Rising The Book of Challah” and were so very helpful!

I made a display table of each of these braided challahs, baked and with toppings of my choice and in front of each one, were a pile of these printed cards. This really helped guests who wanted to try a new braid and needed some help.

I also included a napkin ring challah demo in my demonstration as well as making a challah in a ring around a glass bowl to fill with a dip. (I did not have detailed cards for these).

Each challah was tied with matching string (like the string used for center pieces) and attached to eat one was a chalkboard tag with the name of that Challah.

Definitely a helpful addition to the Challah Bake.

Once the challahs were braided, each guest would pick up a tray from the Market Place and gently slide their challah (that was already on parchment paper) onto the tray to be taken to the toppings bar and then they could easily carry it home!

The trays are from here.

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