Bake for a Blessing. Center Pieces.

The center pieces were really easy and fun to make. They were useful centerpieces as almost every item was an ingredient needed to make the Challah dough. This also helped minimize the preparation for preparing individual portions.

The retro oil bottles were from here (check your own sizing based on the recipe you use and how much oil it calls for ) and tied with divine twine in red and white just to add a little color and a look that was reminiscent of bakery twine. Attached to the oil was a measuring spoon which I bought from here. I also stamped a tag (purchased from michaels) which hung from the jar. The measuring spoon was attached with a mini clothespin purchased from

The vanilla bottles were adorable! (and I love the original addition of vanilla to challah dough!). The bottles were purchased from here and tied with divine twine and using a glue dot (purchased at any craft store) the measuring spoon , from here, was stuck on the side and easily removed for guests to measure and pour. I hand stamped a label and cut it to size and adhered it to the vanilla bottle.

The egg cartons which I had already used from a previous event a few years ago, can be purchased from here. They were so adorable and kept extra eggs for those ‘just in case’ moments. Tie with string and stamp a tag to bring the look together! (I only tied the string around the top of the egg carton so it would be easy to open.)

The centerpiece of wheat stalks took only minutes to prepare. Simply add oats around wheat stalks and spread open to display. Use cylinder vases to get that clean look! Wheat stalks are from here, I filled 9 vases by dividing three bundles of wheat.

The mini pushkas are from here and I covered them with kraft paper and tied them with the same string to make it all match. I placed nickels in a row near the pushka.

All these ‘center piece’ items can be done in advance which really helped!

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