Bake for a Blessing. The table.

The tables were set with hand stamped items and I decided to try limit as many disposables as possible. The room looked natural and calming with a monochromatic look.

Here are the things I used:

Flour bags did have a plastic bag (ziplock type)inside with the pre measured flour inside. The bags were from here and I stamped them with a black fabric ink pad from here and letter stamps from here on this. You will also need the base to stick the stamps onto, which is from here  (This allows you to easily spell words you wish to stamp).

The sugar bags were these and were also stamped using a different typeface stamp. The sugar was pre measured into a glassine packet and folded neatly and tucked inside. (choose a small size like 2.5 x 6.25).

The salt was pre measured into glassine packets from here (choose smallest size) and folded and held together with mini clothespins from here.

The mini glasses were used to check the eggs and were from here.

The wooden spoons from here, were tucked into the apron pocket which was from here. (The color I chose was light taupe). In addition, I tucked in a pair of disposable gloves and the packet of yeast. The aprons were hand stamped with a personalized stamp I made from here  (the size was 4×4)I used a fabric stamp pad and used an iron to set each one so they could be washed.

I also stamped flour sack cloths which were used to cover the dough when it was rising and it was also a take home gift. The flour sacks are from here (size 13″ x 13″) and stamped the same as the aprons.

(The bowls were borrowed from a fellow shlucha).

What is really nice about this set up is that I can re use many of the items. So if you have a smaller group (I had 60 guests) although there is much work involved, you can easily do this event with less preparation the next time.

(Next post will be center pieces!)

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