Day: May 25, 2017


Tea Cup Salads!

It was a beautiful warm day so I planned for a fresh summer salad in tea cups for an extra creative take on a regular …

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Tea Party Cookies!

A sweet little platter of tea bag cookies added that special touch to the tea and coffee bar and dessert table! All you need to …

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Shine A Little Light

These jars were packed with pink matchsticks and a label that read ‘Shine a Little Light”. A take home favor with a Shabbos candle lighting …

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Milk & Cookies Bar!

These ADORABLE milk cartons are fillable and seal with a lid in a variety of color options! I filled them with a mixture of almond milk, …

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Flower Bar!

May 21 event handout Last Sunday I made a women’s event in honor of my birthday! It was a creative take on a tea party …

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