Welcome Baskets & Chocolate Bars!

I think I made these just for me. I mean, not really for me…. but for my love and passion to create cute little things and package them all up.

Just remember you have to have fun while putting together events and simchas! It’s so important to find the details of enjoyment instead of simply being overwhelmed by an endless list!

So , here is just one sample of my welcome basket for our out of town guests. Each one slightly differed from the next as they were packed with love and care and each guest in mind!

This one was for my brother and his new wife of only 4 weeks! I included a cute little notebook that looked like an ice cream sandwich!, two mini expresso ceramic cups with their initials on it from Williams Sonoma. Some boxed water that sums up California – environmentally friendly living and some snack bars and chocolate and almond butter spreads. I also included an adorable lip balm from www.shopsweetlulu.com (the scent was bubblegum and makes you want to eat it instead of wear it!) The clip board held a welcome sign (it was a coaster designed on www.evermine.com) and was supposed to hold an itinerary of the couple days together… but it didn’t actually get done….you got to let go somewhere!

And then the chocolate bar was the cherry on top because it simply made the package look fun!  It was from www.sweetpapershop.com which has WAY TOO many options to choose from! I had to trim mine a bit so that they would fit two mini sharffenberger bars stacked on top of each other but hey, no one complained!

Ice cream notebook : Click Here

Mini Clip Boards: Click Here

Retro Lip Balm: Click Here

Chocolate Bars (the 1oz bars) Click Here

Berry Basket to hold everything Click Her

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