Tzedakah Boxes with Texture!

A Tzedakah Pushka with a touch of forest!

Ok. These were slightly messy to make as the bark, moss ribbon kept shedding all over my desk but honestly, it was worth it!

All you need are pushkas, glue dots to adhere the ribbon and a scissors to trim any overhang.

To order the moss/bark ribbon click here.

Pushkas can be found online.

And don’t forget to place the pile of dimes next to each Pushka like we did:(

3 Responses

  1. Hi Chana, would you mind telling me where you ordered the supplies, I would love to copy your idea. I was thinking to put a note or something My favorite Charity. (or something like that ) so that they will give the tzedokah to their favorite charity.

    1. I mentioned all the details in my post… the only thing I don’t mention is specifically which site i ordered pushkas from but you can just search that in google. hatzlocha >

  2. it seems that they are out of the moss ribbon. I googled it and cant seem to find it. Any suggestions?
    Bark Wrap with Faux Moss 4″ x 24″

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