Natural Woodsy Decor for Bar Mitzvah!

So B”h, after making a Bar Mitzvah on Achron Shel Pesach, I still had a Bar Mitzvah celebration to plan as well! Because in all honesty, how could the Scop family make only one party!?

My initial thought would be to serve doughnuts as centerpieces because I feared that with all the chaos of Pesach I may not have time to bake dessert! My second thought was that I can’t seem to get enough of this ‘one and only’ kosher baked item sold about 45 minutes from my home and who doesn’t love doughnuts!?

Well, I was grateful that my energy level kept up and we served both! A dessert bar of home baked delicacies and doughnuts too! We added some root beer floats just for fun and it was truly one sweet, magnificent, memorable evening.

I will iy”h slowly add more photos in additional posts as I come up for air but for now, enjoy this rustic, natural decor that was easy to set up and beautiful to use for future events too!

The center pieces are wood slabs from, fresh moss and succulents from a local flower shop, and sponges to place under the wood slabs for height.

Spray the moss with water right before you tuck it around the wood and then place little succulents in varying spots on top of moss. Add a bud vase of flowers and taper candles to add to the look.

Use food grade parchment paper in kraft color from and pile up some doughnuts or cakes and cookies of your choice. You’ll see…your guests will love this tasty centerpiece!

Match a plated salad to compliment the greenery. Consider using salad toppings like seeds, nuts, etc. to keep to the rustic natural look.


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