Happy Birthday Shterna! A Unique Gift!

We are so excited about Shterna turning three and lighting Shabbos candles for the first time this Friday iy”h.

I wanted to make her a unique gift, just for her, about her.

So I decided to give her a set of personalized blocks that she can build with and use when playing with her little ‘play people’.

The blocks I bought were from discountschoolsupply.com which are fillable and SO MUCH fun to play with! click here to order: blocks

The ideas are ENDLESS! Just fill with whatever you wish! Aleph Beis Letters, your child’s photos or crafts! ANYTHING!

Here I used glue dots to stick miniatures into each block of the things my daughter loves the most, which is baking Challah with me and getting ready for shabbos!

The miniatures are from michaels.com and some of them can be found in their stores.

To make the Aleph Beis Chart and the Rebbe photo, print pictures (search google images for your choice and then resize to a mini size) and using double sided tape, stick into a miniature mirror (also found at michaels).

All you need to do is unscrew one end of the block and slide one clear panel out and insert whatever you are filling the blocks with. Then screw back in place the block end.


Our family just made a set of these blocks as a surprise for our Bubby who just married off her last child. At the wedding there was a mezinka dance at which all the grandchildren presented Bubby with a block they had decorated with a picture they made, their name and a little note.

This precious set of blocks will stay at Bubby’s house for all the grandchildren to play with!

Truly a special and touching gift!

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  1. Such a beautiful and creative gift! Would it be possible to see a pic of the grandchildren’s blocks to get an idea of what those looked like?

    Happy Birthday and mazel tov!!

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