Purim of the Arts – Feed your Creativity!

Cut out a palette using an exacto knife, on foam core board sold at Michaels or other craft stores. Then ice cupcakes using different shades of icing! Add paint brushes and your’e all set!
Rice krispy treats made into paint brushes! Simply make a tray of treats, cut into rectangles, slide popsicle stick in and dip into melted chocolate chips (mix a little vegetable oil into melted chocolate so it’s not so think). Let it drip if you wish and place on parchment paper and put in the fridge until ready to plate.
Multi colored twizzlers look like paint dripping out of the paint can!
Potato chips! Just add a sign!
Mega Buttons look like paint blobs! Yum!

Not sure why my computer kept correcting GOGH and adding a U so please if you copy this sign Van Gogh is spelled like that!

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  1. Beautiful! I was at a a bas mitzvah about 1 2/2 years ago, with some of these elements, such as the rice bar paint brushes as a party favor, and cupcakes with different colors of frosting (which delineated the gluten-free from regular cupcakes). The last activity permitted girls to take a palette-shaped sugar cookie (was really jelly-bean shaped) and frost the cookie with a frosting color of their choice. The family also had creative center pieces made of a wooden embroidery hoop attached to a wooden block base. From the top of the hoop were three actual paintbrushes that had been painted (hot pink, yellow, turquoise) and already had holes in the handle form which to tie a string and let them hang from the top of the hoop. The place cards were little easels with a splatter painted paper and a Hebrew saying that Hashem is the true artist. The bas mitzvah girl’s speech also included a parable about a painter painting a portrait of a king, and how it only looks like a wonderful work of art when it’s finished, not while in progress, just as we don’t understand Hashem’s ways in this world, but only in the next. It was a truly beautiful bas mitzvah and a wonderful theme.

  2. Love this!! So creative ๐Ÿ™‚

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