Purim of the Arts – Center Pieces!

These center pieces were so much fun and definitely added to the decor of the room!

I got the paint cans donated from a local paint store and using glue dots so the top paint can wouldn’t roll off the bottom, positioned them on top of each other.

To make the black ‘paint’ dripping on the sides of the large can, I used adhesive permanent vinyl. You can search for this on amazon.com and it comes in a roll. Cut out a strip to fit the circumference of your paint can and then cut a pattern of ‘drips’!

You can trim any vinyl that ends up going above the rim of the can by using an exacto knife. It is VERY sticky and flimsy so as you can see, it isn’t so simple to get it flush with the can. Another idea would be to use real paint and let it drip naturally or paint it on yourself.

I used puff paint to write Purim on the paint brush and ordered mini easels from oriental trading.

The red ‘paint’ was a vinyl I found at a fabric store, but you could use any color fabric of your choice or even streamers!

The signs for the craft tables and the center piece tables are below.

purim signs for purim of arts

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