In Loving Memory.

Dear Ta,

Wasn’t it just yesterday? A young daughter sitting by your side watching you paint this jacket for Purim?

It now hangs in my closet, as a silhouette, longing to be filled with the beat of your heart.

This will be the seventh year, that I will take it out, and try it on, wear it for a few moments and look in the mirror and wonder how in the world does life really go on…

But it does….although never the same.

I can hear your voice and see your smile as I touch the brush strokes and raised puff paint designs that whimsically cover every inch with your creative soul.

I can even smell the cup of hot black tea positioned next to your paintbrushes that you would sip, as you leaned back to envision your next brilliant stroke.

Your Purim jacket of creativity. Now wrapped around my shoulders, like a heavenly hug.

A costume like none other as it hides nothing of the ache in my heart, nor the sadness of loss.

A Purim of creativity, of love and of memories.

Where the colors of my soul come to life.

Happy Purim Ta.

Wishing you all a Freilichin (Happy) Purim! 

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  1. Beautiful. Not only do I remember this magnificent creation, but my son made one in art class – your fathers famous purim creation. A legacy of yeshiva boys creative outlet and the wonderful art it inspired 💚

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  2. Ur words so special and beautifully written straight from the heart! I know ur father is smiling. Happy Purim.

  3. WOW Chana, What a BEAUTIFUL piece of your fathers art & I’m sure your father is looking down at you & your beautiful family & smiling at the continuity of his creative ideas in your many community activities. With much love, Nechamah Dina

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