Yes! I am waaaaayyyyy behind schedule and trying to keep my head above the piles of hamantashen, costumes and purim paraphernalia!

So, this year we are making a super creative Purim Party with a theme of ART!

The inspiration for this event is from my father a”h, who’s love for this Yom Tov was clearly evident by the beautiful, fun and incredibly creative touch he put into it.

So, in his memory, I have created a theme that in all honesty, has so much room to improvise.

Keep it in mind for next year, because there’s just so much you can do with it!

As of now, here are the details for the Mishloach Manos:

Labels are from evermine.com (the label I custom made with the hamantashen is actually from a photo of a painting my father made many years ago.)

I made some Mishloach Manos with that label but mostly with the simpler circle ones, pictured above.

The Paint Cans were from Oriental Trading.

I filled the cans with some crinkle paper at the bottom and the candy, hamantashen and Rugelach….simple and colorful.

One thing done. Check!


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