Chanukah in a Box!

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Have you ever wanted to give someone a whole bunch of Chanukah items and yet couldn’t quite find the right packaging?

Well, after many different styles and attempts and bags and boxes, I finally found a way that you can package a beautiful ‘Chanukah in a box’!

Using a bottle carrier box, you can easily fit a Menorah, chocolate gelt, dreidels, oil for an oil Menorah or for making latkes AND potatoes if you wish! (Accompanied of course with a Chanukah guide and my favorite latke recipe!)

It’s cute, simple, compact and is completely stable to stand on it’s own and to be easily handed off to someone special!

Here’s what you need:

Tags and labels are from

The box is from (look in packaging)

The oil is from trader joes (scrub the front label and stick on your own in place.)

The oil Menorah can be bought from

(And if you wish to insert the tin menorah’s, they do fit (just gently bend at the slightest angle and then re-pack the candles into a cello bag and slide into one of the sections of the box).

(Disclaimer: don’t personalize tags at midnight:(….there shouldn’t be an apostrophe in the word LATKA!)

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