A Rosh Hashanah Decorative Centerpiece.

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I decided to make a functional centerpiece for our Yom Tov table.

I used a marble slab (from William Sonoma, used as a serving cheese tray etc.) as the base and then added apples, pomegranates, challah and honey to be used at the meal as well as a decorative piece.

The mini honey jars are a variety of local honey and are fun for tasting with challah and apples of course!

The round challah was braided and baked with the glass bowl in it so it was perfect to add to the centerpiece.

Slice some apples, use a variety and enjoy!

Add a tiny bud vase of flowers if you wish and you’ll see your table transformed.

Wishing you all a Ksiva V’Chasima Tovah, Shana Tovah Umesukah!

Good Shabbos

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