Purim with a Taste of a NY Style Deli – Always start with Dessert!

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I think this was my absolute most favorite theme for Purim we have ever done. It all started when I had my broken ankle and was pregnant, thinking about what we would do for Purim, knowing I would have a 5 week old baby by then.

This prompted my first thought which was; what would be an easy menu… and then I would build my theme on that.

Thus, Purim with a Taste of a NY Style Deli, was born.

In these next few posts which I will publish today (so we can move on to Pesach:), I will share the ‘how to’ and details should you wish to use this theme for your Purim or even your other events and programs. It’s a fun theme for year round, so enjoy these posts!


As you know I love desserts and dessert tables. So here, I decided to make a NYC skyline for the background of the dessert table.

All you need is chalkboard foam core board found at craft stores. A chalk pencil and a chalk marker. Sketch out a NYC skyline and tape the boards together from the back and position at an angle. (If sketching is not your forte, you can always print out a black and white skyline and glue to the chalkboard.)

Then, to make things a bit more manageable if you prefer serving home baked delicacies at a time when you have many details of an event to plan, bake one or two desserts every day for a week. This makes preparing for an event much easier.

The best way to freeze cakes is by wrapping them tight in plastic wrap and then tinfoil and then place it in a freezer ziplock.Double or triple your best recipes to keep back up cookies and cakes ready to refill platters.

To dress up the chocolate layered cakes, I bought a NYC cab and a Statue of Liberty figurine and placed it on top. It was so easy and our guests loved the look and appreciated the little details.

Here are the links:

NYC cab and Statue of Liberty: click HERE

Chalkboard Poster Board: click HERE

Chalkboard Marker: click HERE

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  1. Looks so great!! By the way I am trying to lose weight and just opened this email while eating cantaloupe and cottage cheese. Ready to lick the screen..lol

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