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The highlight of our menu. Layers of pastrami, turkey and salami on baguettes and authentic rye bread from Brooklyn, NY!

Each sandwich was made with mayonnaise and meat, ready to be enjoyed with a variety of mustards and toppings of your choice. Shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles added a custom flavor to your sandwich.

(A typical sandwich should have about 2oz – 3oz of meat. This will help you figure out how many pounds of meat you need for the amount of people you expect. Have in mind, pastrami is usually a favorite!)

The mustard bar included dijon, yellow mustard, course grain mustard and german mustard and honey mustard.

Wrapping the sandwiches add that special detail that added to the look.

I bought newspaper print parchment paper (a light weight wax paper , food safe and fine to use on cold food products) from etsy. click HERE

I cut it into strips, wrapped each sandwich and pressed into it the skewers bought from www.webstuarantstore.com click HERE .

Then I added a matching little label!

All the sandwiches were lined up on craft cardboard trays and placed on the buffet table. In addition, we had a stack of cardboard trays for everyone to use at the buffet table to place their plate, sandwich and salads on, making it feel like a NY style Deli.

The trays can be ordered by clicking HERE.

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