Purim – NY Style Deli – Purim Costumes!


And the one thing that I love most is our family Purim photo! It’s not just the photo, it’s the moment of coming together, in midst of the chaos. To laugh and celebrate together, as a family, as shluchim, as a team.

Thank you to my husband and to each of my children who were incredibly helpful in putting together every detail of our event. Your smiles, efforts and great spirits are so inspiring!

And to Schneur, our oldest who remained in Yeshiva for Purim, we missed you more than you’ll ever know!

For some reason, our NY Deli hats didn’t make it off my dresser, and neither did the waist aprons:)….but at least, we managed to get coordinated with our fun NYC shirts!

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  1. Beautiful family! What a wonderful picture. You and your husband should be proud you are certainly blessed

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