Purim – NY style Deli – Mishloach Manos!

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I think I may have based my entire theme for Purim on these adorable glass mini jars of ketchup and mustard!

Super fun matching labels wishing guests a DELI(ghtful) PURIM!

These were ordered from www.evermine.com and were the: Swing – Sea Glass – 3.25″ x 4″  labels.

I uploaded photos I had bought from www.istock.com where you can find these exact photos.

Being that these were more expensive, I printed only a small amount to combine with a more basic label: Rectangle Label – Swing – Sea Glass 2.75″ x 1.875″

I also printed these NY style images on card stock to hang up on a long ribbon, with clothes pins (see additional post on decor).

To make our Mishloach Manos to go with our theme this is what we packaged:

  • Mini Kosher dill pickles (www.walmart.com)
  • Mini ketchup and mustard bottles (www.webstaurantstore.com)
  • Hamantashen from Reismans in NY. (which I packaged in 3″ x 5″ self adhesive bags from www.papermart.com)
  • Chocolate Brownie Bar from Reismans in NY
  • Everything was placed in a box from HERE
  • The parchment paper liner was from HERE

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  1. Tied in very well with the theme. I din’t know about MIshloach Manot until I was about 48 or so. My Temple never did it. Anyhow that first year I went nuts and gave out about 40 specially individual for each person. Fortunately I have toned it down!

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