Purim – NY style Deli – Center Pieces!


I stuck additional street signs on a dowel and placed it near our front door!

IMG_1209 (1)

These were a HUGE HIT!

Every table was a different NYC street! It was fun, easy and brought smiles to all.

I found these signs from a very nice lady somewhere in Europe who kindly sent me a pdf of the names to be printed locally.

I will ask her if I can share the PDF here and update this post at that time with her permission.

I rented ‘table number’ holders and simply slid the street signs in, so they would face both ways. Then I placed it on a chalkboard placemat. Click HERE for placemats.

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  1. Hi Chana, Do you by any chance have the pdf file for these signs you can share? Thanks so much!

    Chana Rivka Friedman


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