Purim Memories.

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Today I came across two photos which brought me back to a time and place so special in my heart.

It was 22 years ago (YIKES!) and I was a young girl in 11th grade. It was my first time away from home, a couple years after becoming observant and receiving a blessing from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to attend high school at Beis Rivkah, in Crown Heights.

As incredible as I felt, being engrossed in the life I had always dreamed of, I found certain times of the year ‘homesick’ inducing.

Purim was one of those times that, while I knew I would have a most amazing, meaningful experience, I missed being at home with my family.

Especially, as I have shared before, Purim was my father’s favorite Yom Tov. It was a time where his creativity knew no limits and our time together at the dining room table, working on costumes, mishloach manos, paintings and more, came to life before my very eyes.

And there I was, in Brooklyn NY, sitting on my bed doing homework and studying for tests, when a package arrived from home.

It was a hand painted and designed Mishloach Manos box by my father a”h & lovingly packed by my mother (may she live and be well) that not only made my day….it has now made my life. My life memories of feeling loved, special and thought of.

And this is what I share with you today.

While we run around creating our Purim experience for our family, community and friends, baking hamantashen, organizing programs and costumes and events, don’t forget to really appreciate the moments with our precious children.

We are always creating memories, and so this year, as I have still yet to completely heal from my broken ankle, I see again the blessing in disguise that I have had to slow down EVEN more than ever.  I now have even more opportunity to soak up the scenes, create more opportunities of Purim fun for the kids, and enjoy.

I still have that very box in the photo above, now empty from delicious treats but full of love, laughter and memories that warm my heart.

So, as I will continue posting Purim ideas & all things fun and creative, I wish you all much success in slowing down, making the kids an extra special priority in the hustle and bustle of Purim and everyday life.

Wishing you all a Freilichin Purim!

To make the box above, all you need is:

  • a cake box or similar cardboard box
  • Puff paints, markers
  • Tissue paper and nosh

Use markers and pens to create your personal design and wording. Then add dots using the puff paints (or any design as you wish) on top of the marker to add texture and creativity.

Package with your favorite nosh and loads of love of course.

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  1. Precious! Precious! Precious! I remember Ta making this box so well and our excited anticipation about how excited you would be to get it. Love always, Mom

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